Market Watch Bitcoin

Market Watch Bitcoin

24 hours increased by 19.72%. According to reports, GPT is a decentralized defi ecological project on the public chain of ECOC. Its main function is to deMarket Watch Bitcoinlay the contract. Its acquisition method is to use EFG for pledge mining (EFG has been put on line in MXC Matcha). The mining calculation formula is: 1000000efgx0.00011 = 110gpt (daily).

According to the official announcement of 58coin, its quarterly contract has been settled for the 10th time in the fourth quarter of 2020 at 17:58 today. The settlement has been completed and the apportionment mechanism has not been activated. According to the official introduction, its quarterly contract has the unique design and characteristics of floating profit open position, two-way position, usdt valuation and settlement, and maximum leverage of 150 times.

The NBS Council also disclosed that in the next step, NBS will continue to strengthen cooperation with major exchanges, constantly enrich mining functions, and continuously strengthen the construction of internal DEX. More trading pairs and contract plans are under intensive development. NBS will continue to make efforts and continue to lead the defi and DEX sectors.

According to the official plan of NEM (xem), xem is expected to launch a new project symbol (xym) in January 2021, and xem users will get xym candy coins 1:1. Firecoin global station will support this xem airdrop, and the specific time will be notified in the form of announcement.

The official announcement of okex just said that okex will launch the eth2.0 pledge mining service before December 17.

BTC rose continuously in the early morning, breaking through 18400 usdt forMarket Watch Bitcoin a short time, and rising to 18436.38 usdt at the highest.

Meng Chundong said that taiyiglobal now has five mature product lines, such as Youdun wallet, Youdun hardware wallet, digital asset trading system solution, digital financial derivatives solution and quantitative trading system solution. After seven years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation, taiyiglobal has built a media matrix from blockchain technical service to integrated marketing promotion to global traffic publicity Piece / activity marketing - an ecological industrial chain operated by community. It has provided blockchain technology services to more than 1000 customers around the world, including more than 500 exchange customers. Among the top 100 exchanges in coinmarket cap, Taiyi accounts for more than 46%, covering five major states and more than 100 countries and regions, reaching more than 30 million users in the world.