Bitcoin mining is profitable

Bitcoin mining is profitable

o It is necessary to consider the possibility of sending ether failure: transfer fails to revertBitcoin mining is profitable, but this feature can be used to initiate a DOS attack, send and call.value fail to send ether will return false, developers need to deal with this;

On April 18, 2019, the Bitcoin Cash SV node of the BitMEX research team experienced two block reorganizations. First, a 3-block reorganization, followed by a 6-block reorganization. In this briefing, we have given the relevant data and diagrams of the temporary chain split. This chain split seems to be caused by large blocks that are too long to spread, rather than problems related to consensus. Our analysis shows that no double spending is related to this split.

US$7.5 billion seems to be a huge fine, but according to Richard D. Wolff, a famous economics professor, broke the news on Twitter: This is not the first fine facing Wells Fargo. In the past 3 years, Wells Fargo has paid a total of $2.7 billion in fines. However, Wells Fargo's profit in these three years was $60 billion.

The irreversible chain (Determinmisticchain) means that the state of each block is finalized. At any time in the future, you can reproduce the state of each block from the founding block (for example, based on the Tendermint consensus). Blockchain); Probabilisticchain means that you can only consider a certain chain to be the main chain (such as Bitcoin) based on the proportion of blockchain network participants on different fork chains. The Hub in Cosmos can theoretically connect to the above two, but the support for the probability chain is relatively troublesome in practice.

BitcoinCore needs to sacrifice economic universality in order not to make a lot of changes to the software protocol. The handling fee fluctuates drastically, and if it is severe, it will inevitably lead to serious instability of the economic agreement. Unstable economic agreements will severely weaken potential commercial use scenarios.

On June 22, AlexVandeSande posted a post on Reddit, saying that he had participated in a white hat hacking operation in the past few days. It turned out that after TheDAO was attacked, AlexVandeSande and several white hat hackers decided to launch an operation to rescue everyone's remainBitcoin mining is profitableing funds. They named this operation Robin Hood.

In addition to the wallet address, there is also an indicator that records the number of active Ethereum addresses. Active addresses are defined based on the number of transactions sent and received in a single day. BitInfoCharts data shows that the number of active Ethereum addresses has been declining since this year. On January 4 this year, the number of active Ethereum addresses reached a new high, reaching 1.1 million, and then dropped to less than 1 million by mid-January. Overall, the number of active Ethereum addresses this year has dropped by 70%, and is currently around 320,000.

It is not the first time that Lee has made bold predictions, but according to previous reports, Lee is a well-known Bitcoin bull. In July of this year, Lee reiterated his bullish stance on Bitcoin, claiming that this cryptocurrency could reach between $20,000 and $50,000 by the end of this year. Recently, the cryptocurrency analyst concluded that Bitcoin may end this year's market with explosive growth, citing the correlation between Bitcoin and emerging markets.

Earlier this week, when the leveraged cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX entered a scheduled maintenance period, Bitcoin soared in early trading on Wednesday, and things became a bit ugly. BitMEX is currently one of the world's largest exchanges, with a daily trading volume of more than 500,000 BTC, while providing investors with a 100 times leveraged Bitcoin derivatives market.

However, the glory of the roast cat mining machine came and went quickly. In October 2013, the roast cat company failed to launch the second-generation chip in time, causing its computing power in the Bitcoin network to drop below 4%; three months later The third-generation chip that was successfully developed, and because of an explosion problem that was difficult to repair, caused 14,000 mining machine chips to be unsold. In addition, with Avalon's re-entry and the entry of Antminer, the dominant position of Roast Cat miner has been completely shaken. To make matters worse, the cooperation between Roasted Cat and the local tyrant boss in Huai'an has caused its company to bear about 80 million yuan in debt.