Bitcoin in the dollar

Bitcoin in the dollar

according to Global trading data, as of 11:20 on December 12, BTC spot price was 18289.28 US dollars. After hitting the bottom of 17600 US dollars yesterday, it started a sustained rebound, but its strength was limited and it failed to break through yesterday's highest quotation. From the small time line, MBitcoin in the dollarACD index double line crossed last night and continued to diverge upward. Dif line has broken through the zero axis, and multi bar energy column is still strengthening. After a short adjustment, it may usher in a wave of upward market. Boll index upper track and middle track are both up warped, bell mouth slightly opened, multi army still has more advantages, but at present, K line is close to the upper track line, and there is a certain possibility of callback in the short term. However, it should be noted that in the past weekend, due to the rest of investment institutions, the trading volume was basically lower than that of the weekday, so the overall rebound rate may not be too large, and band arbitrage of grid trading can be considered within the day. On the contrary, the basic news shows that DBS will provide BTC and other 4 kinds of token trading services with Hong Kong dollar and other four kinds of French currency trading services next week, and the Singapore Stock Exchange will participate. It is a membership trading platform only for institutional investors and certified investors, which will undoubtedly make institutional investment more diversified. Offshore RMB can enter the trading market legally through Hong Kong dollar compliance Market, belongs to good news, if the follow-up market acceptance is higher, it may play a role in prompting and taking the lead for other commercial banks, and will remain bullish for a long time.

The market showed that Brent crude oil futures station on 48 U.S. dollars / barrel, the day rose more than 4%, the first time since March 6.

Firecoin global station has completed GLM replacement according to users' GNT assets, and is scheduled to open GLM (Golem) charging business, withdrawal business and currency trading business (GLM / usdt, GLM / BTC, GLM / ETH) on November 30, 2020.

According to the daily hodl, Simon Dixon, chief executive of the cryptocurrency finance platform bnkto the future, predicts that bitcoin will prosper in the event of a banking system failure. Dixon said private banks could inadvertently disrupt the real estate market, creating deflationary chaos that would frustrate banks. Dixon believes that the government may not intervene to prevent bank failures, which requires a new form of money. Dixon stressed that, Data shows that in the past hour, XRP ranked first with 467 discussions, BTC ranked second with 174, and eth ranked third with 91. The fourth to tenth place of discussion were link (41), nano (32), DIA (29), RSR (15), LTC (13), Ada (12), alpha (12).

In the BTC perpetual contract account, the aBitcoin in the dollarverage long position proportion is 16.56%, and the average short position proportion is 16.78%. The short position is temporarily ahead, and the leading number (net position number) is 0200 BTCs.

EOS contract is now quoted at US $2.50, a discount of US $0.0047 compared with the spot price, up or down by - 1.69% in 24h. The trading volume was 745600 and the turnover was US $3.7408 million. The current total position was 3.469 million, which was - 107700 hands compared with the previous trading day.

3. Wave field founder sun Yuchen said that the loan pool of wave field Tron was planned to be launched in early December.