Will Bitcoin crash

Will Bitcoin crash

Lopp: Yes, almost like that. You can think of the Bitcoin blockchain as a place to store real historical records, just like the role of judge, jury, and executioner. In this way, you can conduct private transactions off-chain. In fact, you are only making real anWill Bitcoin crashd effective Bitcoin transactions between parties (that is, those who run these payment channels).

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In addition, the payment scenario of cryptocurrency is what Bixin has always wanted to do. Cryptocurrency payment has always been the vision of the Bitcoin community, and it must also be the future trend. The issuance and promotion of USDS is not only to stabilize the currency market, it is also the first step in the development of payment. We also hope that we can cooperate with other institutions in the world to let the Bitcoin payment scenario land.

The S19 miner only needs 30kW of electricity and 9 devices to get a hash rate of 1PH/s. If you use S9 mining machines, you need about 70 equipment, power consumption more than 100kW, and corresponding more maintenance and operation labor costs, power management costs, to get the same hash rate of 1PH/s.

Today, BM successfully blasted the circle of friends and media headlines, shocking many EOS holders and eco-builders into a cold sweat. Early this morning, BM (DanLarimer) answered user questions in the EOSTelegram group, and suddenly expressed his new ideas, and used various whatifitoldyou to give various assumptions, such as abandoning the DPoS used by EOS, and developing a first in 2019. Kind of new coins and so on, BM is really not a mortal, it's a blockbuster.

PlanB explores this from the perspective of cointegration decline. A classic example is water, which transforms from a solid form to a liquid or gas, and finally ionizes when the temperaWill Bitcoin crashture rises. PlanB said that it can be said that the US dollar has also undergone phase changes. The US dollar was originally a gold coin, and later became a silver coin, a paper currency with a gold background, and since 1971 it became a paper currency without any background.

It is undeniable that altcoins have also made great progress since 2016. Take Ethereum as an example. In 2017, the price of Bitcoin rose from about $1,700 to about $9,000, an increase of 450%. In the same period of time, Ethereum achieved a gain of 1,000%, reaching the current $700. .

Hinman also agreed with Clayton’s previous comments that most ICOs should be considered securities. According to Hinman, the SEC will negotiate with the entity issuing the token to verify whether the products it provides are regulated or eligible for securities issuance. When asked if he could think of an example of an ICO that would not be regarded as issuing securities, Hinman replied:

The DPOS mechanism can be simply divided into two parts: election node and block generation mechanism. The purpose of electing nodes is mainly to serve block production. But in fact, our complaints about DPOS are concentrated in the first part, and the safety of block generation is the core of the DPOS mechanism. Ensuring consensus at the block level is the key to ensuring your assets. The technical explanation mentioned below combines BM's explanation of DPOS and dantheman's "DPOSConsensusAlgorithm--TheMissingWhitePaper"

However, the glory of the roast cat mining machine came and went quickly. In October 2013, the roast cat company failed to launch the second-generation chip in time, causing its computing power in the Bitcoin network to drop below 4%; three months later The third-generation chip that was successfully developed, and because of an explosion problem that was difficult to repair, caused 14,000 mining machine chips to be unsold. In addition, with Avalon's re-entry and the entry of Antminer, the dominant position of Roast Cat miner has been completely shaken. To make matters worse, the cooperation between Roasted Cat and the local tyrant boss in Huai'an has caused its company to bear about 80 million yuan in debt.

Jameson's remarks are not unreasonable, because obtaining BIP approval is a long process. It requires the consensus of the community. Even before reaching a consensus, BIP will go through multiple stages of drafting, verification, acceptance, rejection or substitution. However, as Jameson mentioned, in EIP, most users' favorite proposals can becoWill Bitcoin crashme the standard. Jameson further commented on the reason why the pass rate of EIP is higher than that of other cryptocurrency improvement proposals including Bitcoin. He said: