Bitcoin distribution

Bitcoin distribution

BTC rose through 17400 usdt in the morning, peaked at 17452.67 usdt, and then recovered slightly. It is now Bitcoin distributionin the vicinity of 17100 usdt. The main currency only BCH fell within the day. BTC was at 17093.61usdt, up 1.11% in the day.

The EOS contract is now quoted at US $2.76, a discount of US $0.0056 compared with the spot price, with an increase or decrease of - 6.28% in 24h. The trading volume was 1.6915 million, with a turnover of 9.6442 million US dollars. The current total position was 3.0675 million hands, with a change of 97800 hands compared with the previous trading day.

3. Among the top 100 currencies in 24-hour market value, the top three were AgI (+ 13.32%), XLM (+ 11.11%) and nano (+ 8.98%); the top three were Firo (- 3.52%), xuc (- 3.26%) and ark (- 1.78%).

According to cryptonewsflash, cryptocurrency analyst credible crypto has released a new XRP price analysis report on YouTube. Based on Eliot's wave theory, he predicted that XRP would continue to rise. After the regional consolidation of $0.24, XRP showed strong upward action energy. In the first wave, XRP prices rose to $0.33, and then integrated in the region of $0.21. Then the third wave began. Analysts said: I mentioned that the minimum target for the third wave will be around $0.63.

On December 4, harvestfinance officially announced the results of the grain token repurchase vote. According to the vote, more people in the community agreed to use 0.5% of the total farm supply to buy back the grain token. Ten percent of the buyback will come from operating funds, 20 percent from developers, and the remaining 70 percent from incentive tokens pledged to mining farms. Users will receive the grain token on December 7, and the grant liquidity provider incentive will also be launched on December 7. In addition, the official strategic reserve has allocated 2923.328885 farm to cushion price fluctuations in the initial period of grain token repurchase.

Yang Zhou, foBitcoin distributionunder and CEO of PayPal finance, recently disclosed that PayPal financial has submitted an application for asset management license in Hong Kong, which will help PayPal finance become the entrance between traditional financial institutions and crypto investment. Once the application is approved, PayPal aims to raise $1 billion in investment, Yang said.

According to CNBC, Standard Chartered Bank CEO Bill Winters said that with the rapid development of international payment system, the widespread creation and launch of digital currency is absolutely inevitable. Winters said at the Singapore Financial Technology Festival that there is room for both government supported e-money and private money: in my opinion, the central bank's digital currency and non central bank supported digital currency definitely have their respective roles to play. He added,

Alpha test version of overlay protocol was launched on Ethereum test network last month. Overlay was founded by developer Michael Feldman, after winning a prize in ethglobal's chainlink hackloose campaign last month. Overlay uses chainlink as a predictor to create a forecast market. Users can directly use the project token OVL as the payment mechanism to short or long the data of a certain event. The user does not need to become a rival with other market participants. Instead, the user can predict the trend direction of the data by wagering on the data stream. After expiration, the smart contract will cast or destroy the corresponding proportion of OVL token according to the change ratio between the result data and the original data.

Just now, the decentralized cloud computing blockchain network aelf officially announced that it has officially launched the main network. Just before the launch of the main network, the official prompted that the main network startup needs two steps: 1. Start 5 BP (block production) nodes and 6 full nodes; aelf network begins to produce blocks, and Genesis block is born; 880 million elf is cast and locked for token exchange. 2. Aelf block browser was officially launched.